IPC is committed to guarantee local and foreign clients across many Industries serving intellectual Property + Professional Consultancy Legal.

Our Services

IPC adheres to high ethical and professional standards, and employs of highly-qualified professionals, so as to provide a comprehensive range of IP services to meet our clients’ needs in:
1 Trademark, Patents, Designs and Copyrights Registration
2 Searches for Published Trademarks
3 Trademark Watch Service

• Patent Drafting
• Patent Validation System
• Patent Anti-Infringement
• Search for Published Patents
• Domain Name Registration
• IP-Renewals
• IP Valuation
• Licensing and Franchising

Trademarks, Patents, Designs and Copyrights Registration

IPC cover all of clients’ Intellectual Property needs from registration and prosecution to maintenance, licensing and counseling services related to trademarks, patents, copyrights and industrial designs and models
IPC also provide services related to infringement, counterfeiting, opposition, cancellation and appeal actions

Search for Published Trademarks

IPC offers different kinds of search services for trademarks published in Official Gazettes in the region countries: UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, West bank, Gaza, Yemen. Libya, Iraq, Jordan, Sudan & Bahrain.

Trademark Watch Service

IPC provides its clients with a Trademark Watch Service by monitoring all published trademarks resembling

Patent Drafting

IPC provides its clients with a professional service in this aspect: claims, full description of the invention and drawings are drafted in compliance with the different patent laws in the world.